Fence Inserts Made from High Density Polyurethane Resist Damage from Industrial Chemicals

Many commercial properties and construction sites employ chain link fences to protect their vested interests and equipment. Keeping out unwanted personnel, passersby and vandals also help these properties to minimize their insurance and liability costs. Here at Slat Warehouse, we offer a wide range of high-quality chain link fences throughout... Read more »

High Density Polyethylene Used in Chain Link Slat Fences

Chain link fencing plays an important role in helping to protect and provide privacy for a wide range of businesses, equipment yards, residential areas, schools and commercial properties. Here at Slat Warehouse™, we specialize in providing a variety of high-quality slats, tubes and inserts for chain link fences.   The... Read more »

Security Fence with Rigid Slats

A chain link fence is a thing of beauty both in its simplicity as well as versatility. At the same time, there are further enhancements that can be made to a chain link fence to improve its aesthetics, as well as its privacy and security value. Here at Slat Warehouse,... Read more »

A SoliTube Slat™ Chain Link Fence Can Provide Superior Privacy and Security

Chain link fences are prized by many commercial properties, and municipalities for being very versatile, durable, and cost-effective. Here at Slat Warehouse, we are proud to offer high-quality chain link fence with a variety of durable inserts. This includes rigid slats, tubes, rigid M-slats, and our patent-pending SoliTube Slat™ inserts.... Read more »

High Density Polyethylene Used in Chain Link Slat Fences

Many people choose chain link fences to protect their home, office, or commercial property from trespassers or unauthorized personnel. This durable type of fence often provides a strong and long-lasting barrier to its cost.   Of course, visibility, aesthetics, and added security can also be a factor when choosing the... Read more »

A Privacy Fence with SoliTube Slats® Can Also Provide Added Security

Chain link fences have long been prized for their affordability and versatility. Here at Slat Warehouse, we have spent years proudly been offering a variety of quality fencing options throughout the United States and Canada. We also offer a variety of slats and chain link fence inserts to help address... Read more »

If You Need A Secure Fence, Read Here!

Are you looking for a safe or secure fence? If so, you have come to the right place! Slat Warehouse offers a wide variety of fences that are suitable for any needs. One popular item we have available when it comes to fencing is our Tube Slat® product. This product... Read more »

The MaxLink Plus™ System

The MaxLink Plus™ system is an amazing choice when it comes to needing a greater degree of privacy or security for many needs. This is a unique product because it utilizes the same system of combining the chain link wire with the Slat Warehouse Max 2900 slat together to create... Read more »

Tube Slats® for a Chain Link Fence

For decades, chain link fences have been prized for the cost effectiveness, ease of installation, and versatility. Here at Slat Warehouse™, headquartered in Lindon, Utah, one of our specialties is taking chain link security and privacy fences to the next level. This is done by creating and installing an available... Read more »

A Chain-Link Fence with Slats Made from High Density Polyethylene Is Very Durable

Chain Link fencing is known for being very durable as well as easily affordable. This can be a significant factor if you need to create a security or privacy fence for a large area such as a construction site or equipment yard. Here at Slat Warehouse in Lindon, Utah, we... Read more »