We provide a variety of chain link enhancement products at Slat Warehouse which improve the structure, appearance, and privacy of your chain link fence. Our Tube Slats® and Ridge Slats® bring color and life to a gray metal fence, and our MaxLink Plus® and MaxLink Industrial® products include a wire mesh which you can customize in color, size, and coating. But our fencing products don’t stop there, for we also provide an increased amount of security and protection with the Viper Channel®.

The Viper Channel® is a type of locking device we designed for our chain link fences. It attaches to the bottom of our fence slats, helping to hold them in place and provide support against severe weather conditions. Additionally, this lock channel prevents snakes, rodents, and other creatures from entering a location, helping to protect the occupants inside. Each box of fence slats comes with a Viper Channel®, and we offer this product in a variety of colors.

We created the Viper Channel® because it is a product that makes good fences great. It helps to secure the fence surrounding your home or business, offering improved privacy and protection to you. We invite fence professionals, contractors, suppliers, distributors and commercial builders to call us today to learn more about the Viper Channel®.