Inserts Placed in a Chain Link Fence Offer Privacy and Security

At Slat Warehouse, our third-generation fencing company is pleased to provide fencing professionals with chain link enhancement products. We are a fully integrated and national distributor located in Utah. We can also add pre-inserted slats of various sizes and colors into chain link wire using our state-of-the-art high-speed Bergandi weaving/inserting... Read more »

High-Quality Chain Link Fencing Using Colored Slats for Privacy

As a member of the Northwest Fence and Supply group since 1992, we are proud to offer quality chain link fencing materials to contractors, homeowners, and companies alike. No matter who you are, we offer top-level customer service with all of our products. We make sure they are competitively priced... Read more »

Our Chain Link Fencing Inserts Can Serve Your Privacy Needs

Our team at Slat Warehouse in Utah is ready to help you with your privacy chain link fencing needs. If you need chain link enhancement products using top quality polymer materials, look no further! With our state-of-the-art extrusion facility, our hands-on team can provide you with the products you need... Read more »

Mark Your Property Line With Our High Quality Chain Link Fencing

When it comes to buying a fence to put around your property, there are various reason for doing this, including the marking of your property to show where your boundary starts and ends. This is important if you have neighbors and because land is a finite resource which is getting... Read more »

Why Choose Slat Warehouse for Your Private Fencing Needs?

At Slat Warehouse located in Utah, we are a fully integrated manufacturer and national distributor of chain link enhancement products in the Midwest with a partner that has decades of experience in the extrusion industry. We use the high-speed Bergandi weaving/inserting machine to pre-insert slats into chain link wire. This... Read more »

Our Fencing Materials Resist Photodegradation and the Elements

If you are planning on adding a privacy fence for your property, you want the highest standard of function, appearance, and durability. At Slat Warehouse located in Utah, we are pleased to offer Ridged Slats®, Tube Slats®, and our patent-pending SoliTube Slat™ designed to be inserted into your chain-link fence... Read more »

A Chain Link Fence Can Help Protect an Outdoor Play Area

Children are our most precious gift. Keeping them safe and protected is always a priority for schools, daycare centers and other childcare institutions. Every year, school safety, human trafficking statistics and child abduction stories shock the nation, driving vigorous debates throughout our culture. In some of these situations, a high-quality... Read more »

The Maxlink Industrial™ System Provides Secure Fencing for Your Property

Our Slat Warehouse team is a third-generation fence family company devoted to offering the fence professional with quality service as well as quality products. We supply businesses, fencing companies, among others, around the United States and Canada. Our highly trained service professionals can help you with your fencing needs as well.... Read more »

Are You Looking for a Durable Privacy Fence for Your Commercial Property?

If you are looking for a high-quality fence that will serve your commercial needs while providing an additional layer of security to keep intruders out, we invite you to take a closer look at our quality fences. To protect your business and equipment, our team at Slat Depot offers clients... Read more »

High Density Polyethylene Resists Sun Fading and Industrial Debris

Fencing plays an important role in protecting many commercial properties and work sites. It is often essential for preventing public access to sensitive materials and equipment as well as helping to maintain on-site safety regulations. Here at Slat Warehouse we are proud to offer a wide range of durable and... Read more »