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We help contractors around the country get the fencing slats they need to boost their business. In addition to supplying quality fence slats for your operation, you can also experience our competitive advantage, as our slats are durable and affordable while satisfying your client’s need for a professional-looking product to give you a competitive edge!

We Offer Our Contractors the Following Chainlink Enhancement Products

1-Improve the privacy and appearance of an existing chain link fence by adding our attractive, economical, and durable Ridged Slats® which are single-wall, bottom-locking and available in a variety of colors.

2-Improve the privacy and aesthetics of a chain link fence with attractive and durable Tube Slats® with an industry leading limited 30-Year prorated warranty. These double-wall, bottom-locking Tube Slats® are also available in various colors.

3-We are pleased to offer the ultimate in privacy, security, and durability with our patent pending SoliTube Slat™, and we consider this our premier option when it comes to hand inserted chain link enhancement products. They also come with an industry leading, limited 30-Year prorated warranty. Your clients will love these double-wall slats with privacy fins available in several standard colors.

Order a Sample Pack Containing All Three Options:

4-Our MaxLink Industrial™ system is efficient while combining the chain link wire and the Slat Depot IND2400 as a complete package. Install chain link for your customers with the slats already inserted to avoid extra time on labor.

5-For the ultimate in privacy and screening, we are pleased to offer the MaxLink Plus™ system. It combines the chain link wire and the Slat Depot MAX2900 slat as a complete package for maximum privacy and decreased installation times.

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We are proud to provide chain link slats to both residential and commercial clients around the U.S. for enhanced chain link fencing privacy and protection. We welcome you to call us with your questions or requests!