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A privacy fence is meant to provide a visual barrier between your neighbors and people who drive or walk past your property. At the same time it can also provide a physical barrier to help keep your children or pets from leaving your yard unattended

Here at Slat Warehouse we understand that there are many different types of privacy fence. We are proud to offer a range of chain-link fences with available slat or tube inserts. This can maximize your privacy, while providing some security, at a price that’s easy to afford.

Our Ridged Slat® chain link fence uses flat angular extrusion slats that inserted into the mesh of the fencing panel to block visual sight lines.

We offer a wide range of colors that are visually appealing and known for their long term durability. The Ridged Slat® is made from High Density Polyethylene which includes ultraviolet inhibitors, which helps resist photodegradation and sun fading.

The chain-link component is available in various heights, and spacing. The mesh can be galvanized or dipped in a color matched vinyl coating.

If security is also a factor in your fencing needs we can also include our special Viper Channel™ which will help the slats securely into the mesh of the chain-link fence.

If you need a high quality, and affordable privacy fence, you should call 800-265-0034 to explore the chain-link Ridged Slat® options offered by Slat Warehouse.