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Chain Link fencing is known for being very durable as well as easily affordable. This can be a significant factor if you need to create a security or privacy fence for a large area such as a construction site or equipment yard.

Here at Slat Warehouse in Lindon, Utah, we are proud to provide a wide range of chain-link fence options to meet your privacy and security needs. We specialize in various slat and tubular inserts to maximize the fence’s presence.

They are created from a High Density Polyethylene material in a special process where the material is heated and pressurized before it is extruded through a custom die to create the specific shape.

The special High Density Polyethylene material is known for being very durable to resist the caprices of seasonal weather as well as routine wear and tear. This also includes special formulation to resist photodegradation from ultraviolet light. This ensures that the color of the slats or tubes will remain true for many years to come.

For added security we can also incorporate our special Viper Channel™ lock to secure the slats or tubes tightly with the integrated mesh of the chain-link fence.

If you need a durable privacy or security fence, you should call 800-265-0034 to speak to the experienced chain-link fencing specialists at Slat Warehouse.