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If you have a job site or equipment yard in a highly exposed or high traffic area, then security is likely a serious concern. In some of these instances insurance companies and underwriters will require the property holder to protect the area with a high-quality security fence.

Here at Slat Warehouse we have been providing quality fencing products for over three generations. We currently provide highly versatile and durable chain link fencing integrated with durable mesh inserts throughout the Pacific Northwest, Utah and the state of Arizona.

We have a wide variety of slat inserts including our Tube Slats®, Ridged Slats®, and MaxLink Industrial™ as well as MaxLink Plus™. Our new SoliTube™ Slat inserts incorporate special flexible fins that fit around the knuckles of the chain link mesh for maximum privacy.

Each style of chain link fence can be integrated with our Viper Channel™, which helps lock sections of fence together for maximum security. It attaches to the bottom of the slats to help lock them in place, which can also help provide superior reinforcement against severe weather conditions and strong winds. The Viper Channel™ is available in colors that match our inserts.

If you need a high-quality chain link fence to protect your job site or equipment yard, you should consider calling 801-922-4930 to speak to one of the helpful representatives at Slat Warehouse.