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A chain link fence is a thing of beauty both in its simplicity as well as versatility. At the same time, there are further enhancements that can be made to a chain link fence to improve its aesthetics, as well as its privacy and security value.

Here at Slat Warehouse, one of our specialties includes inserted specialized slats into the mesh of chain link fencing. This can be especially helpful for protecting commercial property and other applications.

Our ridged slats are made from a very durable high-density polyurethane material that is created using a custom extrusion technique. We specially formulate each of our ridged slats for maximum durability as well as the ability to resist sun fading and damage from seasonal weather.

They are available in nine standard colors that can match the visual identity of your site. The mesh of the fence and the ridged slats are available in a range of heights from three to twelve feet.

For added security, we can also provide you with our special Viper Channel™, which is 42 inches in length and can span up to ten linear feet. This helps lock the bottom of the fence in place.

If you need a high-quality chain link fence for privacy or security, you should call 801-922-4930 to speak to a Slat Warehouse representative.