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Chain link fences have a history spanning all the way back to the middle of the 19th Century. They have long been prized for the versatility, durability and value. Many of these fences can be equipped with added security features to limit access to a property or job site.

Here at Slat Warehouse, we specialize in integrating the weave of chain link fences with a variety of high-quality inserts. Our tubes, ridged slats, patent-pending SoliTube Slats™ and other inserts are all created from a specially formulated high-density polyurethane material, using a custom extrusion process.

The material is formulated with special agents that ensure consistent color and durability in the inserts. The final product is a privacy fence that minimizes visual intrusion while also maximizing its long-term value.

Our fences and inserts are available in various spacing and heights ranging from three feet high all the way up to twelve feet tall. The slats are available in nine attractive colors, and the variable gauge of the fence can have a matching vinyl coating applied.

If you are interested in a high-quality chain link privacy fence for your home or business, you should call 801-922-4930 to speak to one of the representatives at Slat Warehouse’s headquarters in Lindon, Utah.