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Fencing plays an important role in protecting many commercial properties and work sites. It is often essential for preventing public access to sensitive materials and equipment as well as helping to maintain on-site safety regulations.

Here at Slat Warehouse we are proud to offer a wide range of durable and versatile chain link fences. We specialize in providing fences with inserts woven directly into the chain link mesh for added security and decreased visual contact with the public at large.

Our ridged slats, tubular slats and other inserts are created from high-density polyethylene through a custom extrusion process. These HDPE inserts are also formulated with color additives and other ingredients that help maintain consistent color while also maximizing durability.

These special components help resist sun fading and other effects of photodegradation. At the same time our HDPE inserts are durable enough to endure the caprices of severe weather as well as sand, most acids, petroleum distillates and many other industrial fluids.

Our fences are available in a wide range of heights spanning up to 12-feet tall. For added security we can also integrate our Viper Channel™ to help lock the bottom of the fence in place.

If you need a durable and versatile chain link fence to help protect your job site or commercial property, you should call 801-922-4930 to speak to one of Slat Warehouse’s representatives at our Lindon, Utah, office.